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We offer a full range of imaging solutions ranging from conventional dental radiography to a variety of Cone Beam CT, and radiation-free 3D surface scanning technologies. Reporting is available on request for practitioners who do not wish to report for themselves. 

Implant Dentistry & Oral Surgery

Our unique range of scanners and scan protocols means that we can optimise exposures for every eventuality for simple site evaluation or complex guided procedures. We routinely provide free viewing software and export to all software platforms. Our key opinion leaders use anatomical models for tangible surgical planning.


We have led the way in 3D imaging in Endodontics. We recommend the use of small volumes and high resolution 360° scanning to minimise artefact. We provide scanning services for the key opinion leaders in Endodontics. All scans come with viewing software.


Three dimensional imaging permits the precise evaluation of the complex bony topography found in the periodontal patient. It will also give information regarding tissue thickness prior to grafting procedures. Anatomical models allow the dentist or hygienist to visualise bony contour at the time of root planing or surgery.


We do not recommend large volume CBCT scanning for young orthodontic patients unless there are significant indications, such as complex surgical planning, or impacted teeth, where we are able to optimise the field of view and resolution to keep dose as low as possible. Anatomical models allow for meticulous planning of surgery. We are proud to offer radiation-free 3D surface scanning and Ceph analyses for our Specialist Orthodontic users.


We are able to localise the scan field of view to capture each TMJ individually or in relation to both full arches. We can provide dynamic studies of the joint and in some cases register the CBCT scan against the MRI of the same region.