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We offer a variety of conventional 2D radiographyCone Beam CT and radiation-free 3D surface scanning technologies for diagnostics and planning purposes. Please check the details of the equipment available at each Cavendish Imaging centre.

We work with both Private Consultants and NHS Trusts to provide imaging and surgical planning solutions across the UK.

Whether working with data from our own scanners or from off-site scanners, sophisticated software is able to create startlingly life-like 3D renditions of parts of the body from C.T. and M.R.I. data. These simulations are visible on-screen, or as printouts on film or paper. However for a much more exciting and tangible experience, the data can be  "printed" using our 3D modelling technology as an Anatomical or Medical Model.


Our scan volumes extend from the very small (4cm), for high resolution imaging of localised lesions, to very large(17cm). Cone Beam CT is ideal for exceptionally detailed visualisation of bony structures. Our surface scanner technology allows for the radiation-free registration of facial contour and appearance. Please note that where detailed investigation of the soft tissues is required, multi-slice CT or MRI may be preferred.

Virtual Modelling

We are able to work with any CT or MRI scan data to provide virtual 3D reconstructions of patient anatomy. Using various software platforms we can manipulate this "virtual anatomy" to simulate,  or monitor the course of surgery, e.g. using mirroring to replicate resected anatomy or plan reconstruction

Anatomical Models

We offer models in a wide range of materials, each with different attributes. We can make straightforward physical replicas of existing anatomy, or of what we have previously modelled  in the virtual environment. Our key opinion leaders commonly carry out surgical simmulations, or request plate-bending, or cutting guides. All this contributes to faster, less traumatic, and more precise surgery.

Craniofacial Implants

Pressed titanium Craniofacial implants are available from our sister company Cavendish Implants