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Anatomical Model or Medical Model Making, for Dental Implants, Orthopaedic Implants, and Surgical Planning. Anatomical models are precise three-dimensional replicas of an imaged area, derived from CT, MRI or surface scan data from any source. These are typically, but not exclusively, of bony structures such as a jawbone, the head of a femur or a vertebra. No software is required, and they are easier to visualise and plan with than image data.

Anatomical models are an invaluable aid to visualising the region of interest at the time of surgery or when planning or discussing treatment options with colleagues or patients, without being tied to a computer monitor. They are often used to simulate surgery as it is possible to drill and cut into the models.

These models allow the region to be directly visualised without having to carry out surgery for access. This facilitates the selection of implant components and instrumentation, allows for a greater understanding of the overall surgical "picture" and enables the region to be tangibly studied in 3D, without being tied to a computer monitor.

We offer high-resolution resin, laser sintered autoclavable nylon, and resin-infiltrated plaster models. Plaster models are also available in colour to distinguish structures such as teeth, nerves, grafts, implants.