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In line with its commitment to the highest performance equipment and lowest dose to patients, Cavendish Imaging offers a range of 2D Radiography, using X-ray settings that take into account the size of the patient and local bone density

Cavendish Imaging offers digital OPG radiography of the whole dental arch as well as sectional OPGs. Conventional film OPGs are also available at our London branch. 

The digital images are sent to the referrer in Dicom format together with a very easy-to-use Dicom OPG Viewer. This features interactive tools to measure distances, angles, adjust the image brightness/contrast and annotate the images. Click here to download the free installation file and User Guide. 

Please indicate on the referral form which anatomical section you are interested in.

Cephalometric Radiography

These examinations are available in our London and Birmingham imaging centres.

Cavendish Imaging offers digital ceph radiography, both full and with a reduced field of view, where various areas of the skull are excluded, ensuring that only the area of clinical interest is imaged.

In addition, Cavendish Imaging offers a full Ceph Digitisation Service. This service presents your patient's ceph image overlaid with a tracing and measurement analysis (for example Eastman, Ricketts). The analysis can also be customised for you: i.e. you may choose elements from different analyses as well as adding your own measurements. The report with the tracing and analysis is entirely paperless and will be sent to you by email. This also allows us to offer the service at a very competitive price. 

Click here to view the tracing and overlay and here to view the many analyses available. Simply indicate "Ceph Digitisation Report" as the purpose of the Ceph examination on your referral form and the type of analysis that you require (one or several) and you will receive it within 2 working days by email. Please note that any diagnosis and prescription is the decision and sole responsibility of the clinician using the Report.

Intraoral Radiography

These examinations are available in our London imaging centre.

High Resolution Film Digitisation

These examinations are available in our London imaging centre.

Cavendish Imaging offers a digitisation service of your film-based images using modern high resolution film scanner.