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3D Surface Scanning / Photography

A 3D photograph (also called "surface scan") provides a virtual rendering of, for example, the face and can be used to assess facial changes, such as asymmetry. It can also be used in conjunction with other examinations to restore or modify features for aesthetic or functional purposes. 

The 3D photograph is acquired using a sophisticated set-up of cameras and large white flashes. This is a completely radiation-free procedure. 
Though this technology is most commonly used to image faces, it can be applied to any other external soft tissue. 

Our Scanners

Cavendish Imaging, in all its locations, uses high-definition cameras that give as much detail as possible about the contours and surfaces that are being imaged. The images are 3D digital files that can be processed by most software looking at plastic and aesthetic reconstruction.

Arranging a 3D photograph

Our 3D photographs are carried out on a walk-in basis in London and Birmingham; in Oxford an appointment is necessary), although booking is always helpful. Your patient should expect to be on the premises for 30 minutes or so.

Art from 3D Photography

3D photographs can be edited with sophisticated software: they can be the basis of a computer animation, morphed to different shapes and rescaled. Physical objects can be made from these. We are proud to work with artists who transform 3D photography into jewellery and art pieces. Please contact each artist directly for more information.