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These examinations are available in our London and Birmingham premises.

You will be referred to us by your clinician if you need a radiograph as part of your diagnosis and treatment plan.

These may play an important part in the diagnosis and planning of your dental, orthodontic, orthognatic, plastic or craniofacial treatment. They provide high resolution 2D images, using either film or sensitive high-resolution digital sensors.

Intraoral radiographs use small sensors that are placed in the mouth for the exposure. Dental panoramic tomography produces an image of all the teeth as well as the jaw bones in a single exposure. A cephalometric radiograph produces a profile image of your anatomy.

When you attend for a radiograph you should expect to be with us for 30 minutes. You may be asked to remove any jewellery, spectacles and removable dentures that you may be wearing. There are several types of dental radiographs, all of which involve remaining still for a matter of seconds to ensure a perfect image.