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Software Downloads for 2D:

Software Downloads for 3D:

- specific to iCAT scans:

- specific to Morita Accuitomo scans:

- specific to NNT scans:

  • NNT Demo dataset: click to start downloading, then uncompress. The user guide is the pdf file and includes the instructons to get to the implant planning facility. Go in the folder "5G Barabara..." to start the NNT software and click on NNTViewer.exe. This version of the NNTViewer is the most "complete" but there are set-ups available that may be more tailored to what you are after so you can use this dataset for a quick overview but give us a call to discuss your own needs. We have also put in this demo dataset the dicom images (folder called "Dicom Set"), which can be opened with all dicom-based thrid party software.

- specific to Mac users:

- Simplant downloads:

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