Dental Implant Planning

Guided surgery can be used to position implants precisely into predetermined positions using a guided surgery kit. Our planning team will use NobelGuide software to optimally plan implant positions for your patient with respect to the radiographic stent and the patient's bone.

Screenshots of the planning will be emailed back for approval before a guide is ordered.To do this we need original scan data for your patient with a radiographic prosthesis/stent in place and similar data for the stent on its own. If the scan has taken place, or is to take place at Cavendish Imaging, then we will have this data on file. It is essential that these scans are obtained with the patient in the planned occlusion, with stent and "bite" fully seated.

We need to know the optimal number of fixtures that you would like to use, with an indication to the extent and form of the planed prosthesis. If you have a strong opinion as to where the fixtures should be placed please let us know. Please also share views on fixture angulation and abutment selection. We will also need to know which implant system you would like to use. Once planning has been completed you will be sent a surgical and laboratory specification and a viewing file of the planning for your approval.You will be asked to confirm that you have been trained in implant surgery and in guided surgery, and that you have approved the final planning.

Cosmetic factors are not always easy to assess from scans and planning alone. It is therefore important that the surgeon and prosthodontist who are carrying out the treatment fully appreciate and react to cosmetic aspects of the precise implant emergence and position in aesthetically sensitive cases - for example it may be inappropriate to produce a definitive bridge or crown unit on the basis of computer planning alone. Allow 5 working days for planning, and 10 working days for manufacture of the guide.

Technical Support

Technical Support

Our in-house scientific team is happy to help with any questions you may have