Clinical Measurements to Quantify 3D Changes

Cavendish Imaging is very well-placed to offer services related to the quantification of 3D changes. This service combines our technical experience and academic background with the computing capabilities available through our extensive multi-platform software suite, and is applicable to surface, and CBCT scans, alone or in combination.

Example using a Surface Scan:

The surgeon plans the desired aesthetic changes by manipulating the 3D surface scan on-screen e.g. restoring symmetry by augmenting a specific feature. This objective can be discussed with the patient. In order to translate the virtual plan to reality, the surgeon needs to first quantify and then replicate the planned changes ­in three dimensions. Our measurements include volume difference and 3D measurements in each plane. This helps to manage and achieve realistic expectations and results.

This technique can also be used to measure the accuracy of a surgical template planned on the bone. The slide show above shows a preoperative plan on an mandibular anatomical model , the postoperative result and the three-dimensional distance between the planned and actual drill holes.

Technical Support

Technical Support

Our in-house scientific team is happy to help with any questions you may have